A positive part of our life

Marinus really makes the learning side of a difficult language seem simple – his calm and humorous approach means that my son walks out of each session with a positive attitude and a willingness to do better each week.

Leigh B

Marinus in the short time has been very understanding and helpful in assisting Samir, Samir finds he can approach him easily for any support he needs. Marinus is an approachable person and Samir is not afraid to open up and ask him for assistance where needed. Marinus keeps the lessons very active and has a good sense of humor and this keeps Samir alert and he enjoys the lessons. Marinus is patient and explains things very well to Samir so he can understand and absorb and use it for his class work.

Leeann Ramkinson

Consistency is so important – Marinus is consistent in his tone and positive message.

Leigh Barrow

Marinus has a very pleasant nature with patience and compassion. Always a smile on his face when he comes to tutor but when he is tutoring he focuses on what he has to do. Thank you.

Vasilikki Bennet

Review on Threndol Tutoring

Threndol Tutoring has helped me exponentially. They are very kind and fun to work with. They go through the material thoroughly and are willing to go over it as many times as you need. Moreover they are willing to adapt to your learning style and make the work as easy for you to understand and retain as possible. They change their tutoring style for anyone who needs it, for example myself. The style of tutoring they have been using with me allows me to better retain the material and absorb as much as I can. I highly recommend Threndol Tutoring due to their dedication towards their students well-being and success in school as well as being very fun to work with.

Ethan Rossell

Marinus may have spoiled me

We started homeschooling this year, and although my Gr8 daughter had previously done well in school, I was unhappy with her languages (English and Afrikaans). I needed a second opinion on her level competency with both, preferably by doing an assessment which could be repeated at a later stage to gauge any improvement. I was also unsure about how to mark Karli’s written and oral assignments fairly.
We have used Marinus for two terms (6 months) now. He was able to assess Karli via Zoom, and give me clear feedback. He used various programs to work on her reading speed, comprehension and answering skills, and her vocabulary; as well as explaining and marking the relevant tasks presented in her school curriculum.
We found Marinus to be friendly and approachable. He was accommodating, yet managed to keep Karli to her deadlines. Having weekly tasks has helped Karli get over her insecurities around preparing and presenting pieces of work.
Marinus uses different platforms and programs to engage students, but helped Karli to set up and understand everything himself. He sourced free resources for everything he felt was necessary.
I feel that Marinus’s fees reflect the support and work that he puts in, as well as the many resources that he has made available to us. He is prepared for each lesson, gives feedback on previous tasks and presents the new one. He has encouraged good routines which incorporate more reading into each day, without creating extra work for me.
Although Marinus is the first tutor we have ever used, I fear he might have spoiled me.
Taryn Rossouw